Some of the Tuesday afternoon mah jong players enjoyed their game on the lovely new Library patio.

The weather is just perfect for sitting in the sun or under the patio umbrella and enjoying a good book or magazine.  You are welcome anytime the Library is open.


Stretch, Dance, Play with Iris Nason, Friday, July 20,  3:00 pm

FREE Admission

Smooth or sharp, strong or light, express yourself with all your might!

Jumping, spinning, leaping, soaring — so many ways to move.  Join Growing Arts movement educator Iris Nason for an engaging creative dance experience.  Children learn sign language, body awareness and creative self expression while connecting with new friends and families as they sing, sign, stretch, dance and play.

This is a Library sponsored program that will take place at the Hoffman Center for the Arts, 594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita.


Mega Magazine Sales

Saturday,  July 21, and August 11

10:30 am til 1:00 pm

This is when we bring out the ENTIRE COLLECTION of recent magazines (up to 6 months old) that are available for only 50 cents per issue.  By one, buy a bunch ….

Come and browse. Stock up for those summer days on the lounge chair when you want to page through the latest fashions, ideas, recipes, how-to’s, articles, hobbies.

Got guests coming?  Outfit your guIMG_1822est room with current reading material that won’t cost you a fortune and also helps out the Library.


Local Book Club – Insightful and Inciting

Fourth Friday each month.  New members welcome

On the fourth Friday of nearly every month an erudite conversation can be overheard outside the Fireside Room of NCRD in the early afternoon. It’s the monthly meeting of the book club.

And Gail Young, a retired high school English teacher and former Friends board member, is leading the discussion. After participants give their views of the book, Gail adds her insightful (and incite-full) input.

Her summaries are the result of her years of teaching.  “I never encountered a book I didn’t like,” she says.

She thinks about the writer. “What are the choices that writer made to captivate and challenge the reader?” She examines character, point of view, setting and plot. How is the story told: in chronological order, through flashbacks, in the first person? There are lots of choices.

Sometimes most of these questions have been answered by the time Gail speaks. But she almost always adds some gem. And she does so by asking herself what has the writer done to enchant the reader.

She says she and June Baumler were “bequeathed” the book club. June handles the book selection. And book kits.

Members suggest books and then vote on selections.  Everyone is welcome on the fourth Friday of the month at 1:30 p.m.


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