Leadership and Committees

2020 North Tillamook Library Board Leadership and Directors 

  • President:  Marc Johnson
  • Vice President: Steven Brier
  • Secretary:  Trish Johnson
  • Treasurer:  Tony Johnson
  • Director:  Becky Berg
  • Director:  Terry Fullan
  • Director: Lynne Gross
  • Director:  Craig Nern
  • Director:  Bob Riecke
  • Director:  Cindy Kenne
  • Director:  Jack Kenne

Board Committees:

  • Membership and Development
    • Jack and Cindy Kenne, co-chairs
  • Finance and Budget
    • Tony Johnson, chair
  • Communications
    • Lynne Gross, chair
  • Maintenance
    • Terry Fullan, chair


  • Book Sales
    • Madeline Olsen, chair


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING:  June 15, 2020 (via Zoom)

Click June 15 2020 NTLF BOD Minutes DRAFT to view the minutes of the meeting.  If you have questions or comments, please contact Trish Johnson at pljohnson53@gmail.com.