Blog Post – December 18, 2017

Library Friends Annual Meeting

All Library Friends are welcome at the organization’s annual meeting January 20, 2018 at North Tillamook Library in Manzanita.

The annual meeting will begin at 3:00 pm and will involve election of board members and officers.

The Friends organization, the owner of our library building and grounds, depends upon its members to provide the financial support to operate and maintain the physical library building. We welcome your active participation as we continue to chart a course to the future for your library.

Renovation Update

The library patio renovation is underway and on schedule. The old patio and surround was demolished and removed two weeks ago and preparations made for new concrete footings. Expect to see some steel columns being erected in the coming weeks. The new cedar enclosure will follow with new pavers to complete the larger and more useful space. Be sure to keep watch on the progress as you patronize our wonderful library.

NASA Ambassador Speaks in February

Greg Cermak, a member of the NASA Solar System Ambassador’s program, will speak at North Tillamook Library on Saturday February 17, 2018. Cermak’s presentation will focus on “Volcanism in the Solar System.”Solar-Systems-Ambassador-Program-COMP

Mark your calendars for 1:00 pm for what promises to be a fascinating program. The program is, of course, free and open to the public.

Cermak, a software engineer and technical trainer with more than thirty years’ experience developing high-performance engineering, scientific, and analytical software applications, has been a part of the volunteer NASA program since 1999. He is a frequent speaker at school programs, public, and industry events and his program in Manzanita is sure to be a “must attend” for anyone interested in space.

1435082743-thanks-for-helping-clipart-1-e1495650278583Donations “In Honor Of” and “In Memory Of”

Thank you to the many Friends who have given a donation in recognition of a special person.  Your generous support helps maintain and renovate our building and grounds. Together we’re “Building a Community of Learners” well into the future. Your loyalty and dedication to our Library are greatly appreciated.



  • Ann Morgan by Mark and Mary Roberts
  • The People of Manzanita by Michael and Susan Peskura
  • Paul Owens by Lois Jones
  • Kay Stepp by Lee and Debi Hiltenbrand
  • Kay Stepp by Marcia Silver
  • Kay Stepp by Mary Beth Allen
  • Charlotte Forster by Isabella Beaton
  • Hank and Peggy Beard by Leanne Soderberg
  • Patty Rinehart and Carl Peters by Colleen and Richard Everroad
  • Kelsey Knight by Betsy Chase and Paul Knight
  • Tony Johnson & Jill Thurston by Lorraine Ortiz
  • Jeff and Denise Davis by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Jane Geason by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Shirley Klock and Mark Housley by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Michael and Leah Wannell by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Trish and Marc Johnson by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Dick and Lisa Jones by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Monica Isbell by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Helen Tippens by Julie Tippens
  • Agatha Christie by Wendy Zack and Hannah Lyons
  • North Tillamook Library by Lindy Barkline
  • Library Volunteers by Marv and Patricia Welch
  • Kathryn Stock by Debbie Boots and Jae Heidenreich
  • Kids Who Read by Gary St. John and Curtis Mudd
  • Richard and Gail Young by Kathy and Randy Hungate

In Memory Of:

  • Mary Allemeier by Kathryn and Philip Cottle
  • Margaret Lewis by Gail Frank and Joe Balden
  • George Hinkhouse by Danielle Johnson (Manzanita Beach Getaway)
  • Marlene and Victoria Elizando by Trish and Marc Johnson
  • Jeanie Yeats by Debbie Harmon
  • Penny LeGrand  by Sue LeGrand
  • Carl Peters by Patty Rinehart
  • Carl Peters by Robert and Debra Hayles
  • Carl Peters by Marleen and Ted Weissbach
  • Ann Nicholson by Owen Nicholson
  • Ann Nicholson by Mike and Lori Kositch
  • Ann Nicholson by Sharon and Rob Borgford
  • Kathleen Ryan by Jill Thurston
  • Margaret Turnbull by Connie Polits
  • Dawn L. Schechtel by Paula Sansum
  • Dawn L. Schechtel by Martha Schechtel
  • Richard Luce by Bev Luce
  • LeeAnn Neal by Lori and Dave Dillon
  • LeeAnn Neal by Charles and Barbara McLaughlin
  • Jean Reed Prentiss by Ann Morgan
  • Jean Reed Prentiss by Carol Povey
  • Eve Avery by Tony and Sarah Johnson
  • Kay Covert by Walt Covert
  • Tekla Holt by Victoria Holt
  • Lucille Stock by Kathryn Stock and Deb Tinnin
  • Richard Makohon by Linda Makohon
  • Harriet Pitman by Gwen and Alan Shusterman
  • Lenore Erlebach by Rosa and Paul Erlebach
  • Rex Champ by Lisa and Larry Paluck
  • Frances Watts by Loraine and Tony Carlson
  • Eunice Massey by Karen and Marv Hirte

Thanks so much for your support! 

And best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a great 2018.


Blog Post – November 27

Adam Miller Performs Winter Holiday Folksongs December 7

Adam Miller, an internationally regarded autoharpist and an Oregon coast resident, is presenting a program of “Folksongs of the Winter Holidays” at public libraries throughout the west coast, and Manzanita is one of the lucky locations where Miller will perform. His free to the public program will begin at 4:00 pm on December 7.

Miller’s sing-along program features well-known and not-so-well-known traditional folk songs and carols for New Year’s, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Winter Solstice.

The Hoffman Center for the Arts will host the program in partnership with the North Tillamook Library.

A renowned American folksinger and natural-born storyteller, Miller travels 70,000 miles a year and has performed in concert halls from the Everglades to the Arctic Circle.

Check out our calendar for other upcoming programs at the library.

November 18, 2017 Board Meeting

The board of the Friends of North Tillamook Library conducted end of year business on November 18 and prepared for the organization’s annual meeting that will be held on January 20, 2018 from 3 to 5 PM at the Library.

The board is recommending a balanced 2018 Budget that includes funding necessary to fulfill its ongoing responsibilities for building operation and maintenance. The proposed 2018 budget also includes initial funding for demolition of the existing patio wall and benches that are in a deteriorating condition, expansion of the patio space, installation of a pergola, new pavers and replacement of the patio wall.

Several recommended revisions and additions to the board’s Policies and Procedures Manual were also approved. The board’s 2018 Scorecard was also approved. The Scorecard is designed to keep the board focused on the tasks required to meet the organization’s 2016 to 2020 Strategic Goals.

Sara Charlton, the Tillamook County Library Director, commented on the mutual self-evaluation involving the two organizations. The Friends organization remains committed to the continued strengthening of its partnership with the Tillamook County Library, as well as expanded local collaborations to bring high quality programs to north Tillamook County.

It is worth noting that the Friends organization enjoys a rare public-private partnership with the county library. The Friends own and maintain the 30-year old library building in Manzanita, while the county library system provides staffing and library materials. The collaboration permits the continued operation of an up to date library in the north county area.

Annual Friends Meeting January 20, 2018

The Annual Meeting of Library Friends will occur from 3 to 5 PM on January 20, 2018 at the Library. Friends in attendance will have the opportunity to vote for a strong slate of officers and directors, as well as make nominations from the floor for board members to serve in 2018.

Please plan to join us for an informative meeting, a chance to meet current and new board members and enjoy light refreshments following the meeting.

Potential Parking Disruption

Early in December – weather cooperating the work could take place on December 7, 2017 – the existing library patio structure will demolished, a shrub removed and a boulder repositioned in preparation for the replacement of the existing patio. Lee Hiltenbrand, chair of the board’s Maintenance Committee, is managing the project and will do all that can be done to minimize disruption for patrons. The Library will remain open during the patio replacement project, but there may be some slight inconvenience regarding parking in the library lot. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Nancy Pearl To Visit North Tillamook County in 2018

Nancy Pearl, “America’s Librarian,” has accepted a joint invitation from the Hoffman Center for the Arts – Manzanita Writers’ Series and the North Tillamook Library Friends to appear at an event on October 20, 2018.

Nancy Pearl, America’s Librarian

Pearl is a book lover’s favorite thanks to her best selling books about books and reading and her regular appearances on National Public Radio. She is a librarian in the Seattle Public Library system.

Details for her appearance are being finalized and more information will be available in the coming weeks. Preliminary plans call for a 7:00 pm program in the auditorium at NCRD. Mark your calendar!


The New York Times has produced its annual list of notable books. You can find many of these at your library. Happy reading. See you at the library.


Blog Post – November 6, 2017

Library Patio Renovation Moves Ahead

The design stages are complete for the patio alteration and renovation. We are in process of obtaining bids for several separate elements that will ultimately come together as a final, welcoming product.

Patio renovations move ahead

You will likely see some work occurring at the southeast corner of the library in the coming weeks, including demolition and excavation. This may create momentary parking disruptions for a few days. We thank you for your patience during those times. Daily library operations will continue on a normal basis. The ultimate goal is to make the patio area more inviting with a slightly larger exterior patron area. The current fixed bench seating will be removed in favor of more flexible individual chairs and small tables. We will also be completely removing and replacing the existing enclosure.

Friends Report Solid Financial Year

The North Tillamook Library Friends can report a strong year financially, with sufficient revenue to comfortably pay expenses and have a surplus at year-end. Through September, revenue totaled $37,003, slightly ahead of the projected amount. Most of these funds were provided by donations ($21,005), followed by the Memorial Weekend book sale ($8,241), the Leave a Legacy initiative ($4,034), membership dues ($2,105), and magazine sales ($909), with all categories exceeding projections, a tribute to the Friends of the Library whose hard work and support made it possible.

Expenses for the period came to $25,745 vs. a budget of $26,592, with virtually all categories at or below estimated levels. As a result, the Library Friends posted an excess of revenue over expenses of $11,258, exceeding the projected surplus by over $1,700, setting the stage to report strong results at year-end.

We are grateful to our Friends and donors whose gifts make it possible to operate the Library within budget and to protect our reserves. As many of you know, the Friends have full responsibility for the maintenance and preservation of our 30 year old building. It is important that we maintain the strength of our reserves as we look forward to major exterior work within the next several years. Thank you.

Leave a Legacy Campaign Scores Generous Gifts


To celebrate North Tillamook Library’s 30th Anniversary, forty Library Friends gave generous gifts to the Library, leaving a legacy for many more years of Library services in our North Tillamook Community.  The following list designates gifts at three levels:  Donors, Sponsors and Benefactors.

Thanks to all for their generosity and dedication to our Library.


  • Carol and Jim Anderson
  • Thomas Ayres and Barbara Temple Ayres
  • Bread & Ocean Bakery/Cafe
  • Mary Brophy
  • Louise Christianson
  • Philip and Kathryn Cottle
  • Cheri E.
  • Ed and Mary Gallagher
  • John and Elaine Hanby
  • Linda and George Reddish
  • Thomas Stine and Cynthia Karthas
  • Bill and Sara Tattam


  • Balden Arboriculture Services
  • Bob and Sylvia Bouneff
  • Heidi Burgoyne
  • In Memory of Roy Champ
  • Margaret Christensen
  • Loretta Erickson
  • Jim and Kathy Hickey
  • Debi and Lee Hiltenbrand
  • Huckleberry Farm Studios
  • Ken and Jill Jones
  • The Kositch Family
  • Bob La Torre and Renee Delight-La Torre
  • Manzanita Lumber Company
  • Lorraine A. Ortiz
  • Dick and Connie Polits
  • Dan and Cathy Silver
  • Helen Tippens


  • Stephen Brier and Barbara Scott-Brier
  • Susan Dietsche
  • Bill and Karen Harshbarger
  • Monica Isbell
  • Patricia and Marc Johnson
  • Tony and Sarah Johnson
  • Living Room Realty
  • Madeline Olson
  • Mike and Phyllis Scott
  • Stepp Family Trust
  • Richard and Gail Young

Library Board Meets November 18

The final 2017 meeting of the North Tillamook Library Board is November 18, 2017 at the Library at 9 AM. This meeting will receive reports from Nominating and Governance Committee presenting the slate of Board candidates for 2018 for Board recommendation to the Friends at the January 20, 2018 Annual Meeting. The Treasurer will present the draft 2018 Budget for Board recommendation to the Friends at the Annual Meeting. Friends are welcome at all Board Meetings; please join us.

Last 2017 Garden Work Party Scheduled

Please join Karen Babbitt and volunteers for the final fall cleanup of the Library grounds. Work will be from 10 AM to noon on November 19, 2017. Warm beverages will be available. Dress for the weather and bring your favorite kneeling pad and garden tools. Please join us on November 19, 2017.

HALLOWEEN – Manzanita Style Means Spooky Safe Fun

North Tillamook kids and parents hit the streets of Manzanita from 3 to 5 PM on Halloween, visiting local businesses who were ready for the Trick or Treaters with an abundance of goodies.  And then, as dusk filled the streets, the costumed Halloweeners, young and old, gathered at the Pine Grove Community Center for more celebration:  art activities, prizes, cookie making, pizza and story time.  Library Friend, Sue McGrath – aka The Fairy Godmother of Storytime – armed with ghostly bubbles and bone-rattling instruments, gathered a group of partygoers for spooky Halloween stories.  Thanks to all who helped make Halloween a Spooky Safe Fun time for our entire community.


Nancy Pearl

Many book lovers know Nancy Pearl, the Seattle librarian often called “America’s Librarian.” Her delightful book reviews and comments are heard regularly on NPR and Pearl has even inspired an action figure – the “shushing librarian.”

Pearl is passionate about books and her “Book Lust” and “More Book Lust” have become favorites with book lovers across the country.

Well, as the Seattle news site Crosscut reported recently, “Pearl has ventured into new creative territory. She’s switched from literary cheerleader to novelist with her much anticipated debut novel, “George and Lizzie, published this fall by Touchstone.”

Here is a link to the full story and the Washington Post’s recent review of the new novel.




Blog Post – October 16, 2017

Older than 70 ½?

Make Your Required IRA Distribution TAX FREE

Charitably inclined people can completely avoid taxation on their IRA required minimum distributions (any amount up to $100,000) simply by having their IRA custodian transfer the funds directly to North Tillamook Library Board or other qualified charitable organizations. Anyone older than 70 ½ can take advantage of this opportunity.

All you need do is instruct your IRA custodian to issue a check payable to North Tillamook Library Board and direct the custodian to mail the check directly to North Tillamook Library Board no later than December 31. For more information, contact Steve Brier at or 503.349.5500. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

Library Program Explores African Music

Okaidja Afroso, a singer songwriter from Ghana, West Africa, performed at a library program at the Hoffman Center (Photos by Linda Petersen)

Okaidja Afroso, a singer songwriter from Ghana, West Africa was greeted by an enthusiastic audience on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the Hoffman Center for the Arts. Mr. Afroso was featured at a well-attended Library sponsored program hosted by the Hoffman Center for the Arts. At least 34 people attended and enjoyed an hour of beautiful guitar music and percussion music on native Ghanaian instruments, including a beautifully carved skin drum, two different gourds and a box-style instrument that doubled as a chair.

Bill Landau, Tillamook County library manager, with an enthusiastic crowd

Mr. Afroso had attendees up dancing, engaged the children in attendance and answered questions from the audience. It was interesting to learn that Ghana is the size of Oregon, is a coastal country with 49 languages and that fishing is an important industry.

Please watch for more Library sponsored programs. Check out the calendar on our website for upcoming events. There are many varied programs being offered throughout the fall.

The next scheduled program – October 21 at 2:00 pm – will feature Oregon writer Adam Sawyer who will discuss his new book “25 Hikes on Oregon’s Tillamook Coast.”

Friends Communication Committee Gains New Members

Our Friends Communication Committee has been enhanced with several new volunteer members. Joining the committee recently were Patty Reksten, a former journalist with the Portland Oregonian who has taught journalism at the college level, Lynne Gross, who has an extensive background in marketing, and Linda Petersen, a skilled photographer whose work has been featured in previous blogs. Thanks to our outstanding volunteers!

The committee, chaired by board member Marc Johnson, also benefits from the help of our official statistician Mary Ruef and Dan Haag who helps out with program promotion.

Speaking of Giving…

Arlene Weismantel, the senior associate librarian at Michigan State University, recently offered a fascinating account of how an American philanthropist remade the nation’s public libraries.

Andrew Carnegie (NY Post)

Weismantel wrote: “[Industrialist Andrew] Carnegie built 2,509 libraries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, 1,679 of them across the U.S. in nearly every state. All told, he spent US$55 million of his wealth on libraries. Adjusted for inflation, that would top $1.3 billion today.

Some were grand but about 70 percent of these libraries served towns of less than 10,000 and cost less than $25,000 (at that time) to build.

Read the full account of Carnegie’s amazing public library legacy.

See you at the Library!




Blog Post – September 25, 2017

Fall Cornucopia of Library Programs

A wonderful array of programs for all ages is planned at the North Tillamook Library this fall. Programs including information on self-publishing, a program on African dance, music and stories and Oregon storyteller Christopher Leebrick will usher in the Halloween season with “The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Thrillers.”

Visit the Library Friends website and click on calendar for the latest on programs at the library.

Volunteer Appreciation Party a Success

In the end the weather cooperated and we had sun for our September 8, 2017 Garden Party in appreciation of all of the volunteers who support our Library. Kay Stepp and Garry Bullard once again opened their lovely yard to some 42 volunteers and Board members who were able to attend.

2017-09-08 14.53.41
Former Friends President Kay Steep, her husband Garry Bullard – and Bo – hosted the appreciation event in the backyard garden of their Manzanita home. (All photos courtesy Linda Petersen.) 

There was much good conversation, beverages and food. Heidi Cummins at The Roost in Wheeler catered the food, with many comments about the tasty morsels she made for our enjoyment. Stop in at The Roost for a tasty breakfast pastry or a good sandwich for lunch and let Heidi know you appreciated her efforts.

2017-09-08 14.56.41
Food for the Volunteer Appreciation Party was catered by Heidi Cummins at The Roost in Wheeler.

Friends President Madeline Olson said it was a pleasure meeting new volunteers and greeting others who have been volunteers for several years. Library volunteers read for story time, sort and price books, move and tally books, cashier for the Book Sale, help maintain our lovely Library grounds and generally help when something needs to be done. Thank you volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you.

2017-09-08 14.52.52
Friends President Madeline Olson and board members Monica Isbell and Jo Newhouse

September 16, 2017 Board Meeting

The Board met with several Board Members excused. We received reports on Membership, Financial Status, Outreach and Governance. The Board and volunteers has a productive summer with a successful 30th Anniversary Celebration and the Leave a Legacy Campaign. Memberships have reached 341 and donations and sustaining donors have increased.

Planning for the renovation of the patio is proceeding. There will be a strong slate of Board candidates for 2018 recommended by the Nominating and Governance Committee to the November 18, 2017 Board Meeting. The full Board agreed to meet September 26th to develop a 2018 Action Plan. Board Members present agreed to start 2018 Board Meetings at 8 AM.   The TCL had a busy summer with well-attended reading programs for all ages and with the unveiling of Captain Book at the local summer parades.

All Friends members are welcome at Board Meetings.

Library Garden Clean Up

2017-09-17 10.25.32
Volunteers Amy Bell and Karen Babbitt help keep our library garden in top shape.

A small, but dedicated, group turned out on Sunday, September 17, 2017 to plant a new Daphne near the Library work room door. The crew also transplanted a number of plants, weeded, cut back spent blooms and tamed a few aggressive growers. We also enjoyed warm beverages, cookies and terrific dark chocolate.

Please join us for one of the remaining Library Garden clean up days. They are October 17, 2017 from 9 to 11 AM; note this is a Tuesday rather than our usual Sunday.

 The final Library Garden work party will be Sunday, November 19, 2017 from 10 AM to noon. Treats and warm beverages will be available. It is fun to work with others under the knowledgeable direction of Karen Babbitt. Remember many hands make light work.

Magazine Sales Continue Through Year End

Library Magazine Sales are a perfect reflection of the sharing/caring/recycling character of our community. Members of the community donate current magazines to the Library and the Library Friends sell them for 50 cents. Last year magazine sales brought in over $800 for the Friends, an amount that goes a long way toward library maintenance.

Lightly used magazines covering almost every interest are available at our monthly sale.

The most current issues are on display and for sale during regular Library hours. Once a month the entire collection is brought out for a Saturday sale from 10am to 1pm.

The next monthly sale is Saturday, October 7 with other sales on Saturdays, November 11 and December 16.

Please take your newish magazines – no older than a year – to the Library desk and out volunteers will sort them and sell them. We thank our loyal purchases and reader and Richard and Gail Young who coordinate the Friend’s magazine sales.



Blog Post – September 4

Read to the Children

North Tillamook Library Friends, who enjoy reading to children and who understand the value for children of having an adult read to them, are invited to contact Polly Stoel by email at

We need readers for the early fall. There are materials available for those who would like them and the Librarians can be helpful in selecting books appropriate for a variety of ages. Polly graciously agreed to coordinate and schedule volunteers. Engage the youth of our community by reading to children on Saturdays. Thank you.

Patio Renovation Proceeds

Planning is underway for renovating the library patio and enclosure wall at the southwest corner of our building. You may have noticed the current enclosure is in disrepair and requires upgrading. This outdoor area has been especially popular to library patrons especially during the summer months.

Several renderings and ideas have been under consideration for several weeks as we move toward having a local architect prepare final design drawings. The proposed new area will have a slightly larger footprint with a partial pergola type open cover. Seating will be movable and provide more opportunity for patrons to make better use of the space to suit individual needs.

Join us for garden maintenance September 17

We are excited to move this project forward and hope to have a fresh new exterior look by early spring.

Call for Gardening Help

We need lovers of our library gardens to join Karen Babbitt for garden work on Sunday, September 17, 2017 from 10 AM to noon. This is very satisfying work and takes little time to do some weeding, dead heading, planting and watering. There will be beverages and treats for gardeners. Many hands make light work and good conversation while working. Please join us.

Volunteer Recognition Planned

Reminder the Board is honoring all of the Library volunteers on Friday, September 8, 2017 from 3 to 5 PM. Kay Stepp, immediate past Board President, has graciously offered her lovely back yard at 228 Beeswax in Manzanita. Beverages and light appetizers will be served. Come join us for conversation with fellow library lovers who make our North Tillamook Library great. If you haven’t, please let us know you will join us by email at Hope to see you there.

Committee News…

Membership and Development Committee

Friends membership, at the moment, stands at 340.

Forty members have made “Leave a Legacy” donations, divided almost equally among Donors/Sponsors/Benefactors.  Names of Leave a Legacy contributors will be published on the Blog and posted at the Library.

The next Saturday Magazine Sale will occur on October 7.  We also have the most current magazines for sale every day during regular Library hours.  All magazines are 50 cents.

Nominating and Governance Committee

Members have been busy recruiting candidates for board positions that will come open in January 2018.  The full slate of board candidates will be presented to and discussed by the board at the November board meeting.  Friends will vote to approve the candidates recommended by the board at the January 2018 annual meeting.

Latest Library Stats!

The number of people visiting our library seems to be static.

In the first quarter of 2017 we had 10,587 persons through the door; in the second quarter we had 10,556 persons through the door. Seems that people did a little more reading and watching digital media the first quarter of the year though: in the first quarter there were 10,362 books and media checked out and in the second quarter there were just 9,961 books and media checked out. Maybe that was when the sun finally came out!

Comparing the stats for the second quarter of 2016 and 2017 it seems that the numbers are very close. In 2016 there were 5778 books checked out and in 2017 the count was 5640. As for digital media the difference somewhat larger: 2016 saw 4321 CDs and DVDs go out the door, and in 2017 there were just 4021.

Thanks…Dave Fisher

Library Friends president Madeline Olson is sad to report that Dave Fisher, co-chair of the Communications Committee has resigned his Board position. Dave and Jan recently moved out of Tillamook County to build a new home off of Highway 53 in Clatsop County. Dave provided excellent service to the Board, he made sure our events were well-covered in the local press and that photographs were taken. Dave made all of the officers and Board Directors sound smart with timely, memorable quotes in press releases. We will all miss Dave and wish him and Jan well in this new life adventure.

Thank you Dave for all you’ve done for the Library and our community!


Blog Post – July 30, 2017

30 Years and Counting

The North Tillamook Library in Manzanita celebrated it 30th anniversary July 8 under sunny skies and amid the flowerbeds of the Hoffman Gardens next door to the library

Library anniversary 1 2.jpg.
Ocean Bottom Country Blues Band, featuring Carl Wilson and Tillamook County’s library director Sara Charlton, entertain the crowd at the 30th anniversary celebration of the North Tillamook Library in Manzanita on July 8.

Hosted by the Friends of the Library, the celebration featured family music fun with Portland singer and musician Mo Phillips and Ocean Bottom Country Blues with Tillamook County’s library director Sara Charlton.

Following a welcome by Friends president Madeline Olson, longtime Friend Patty Went spoke about the history of the library and the formation of the Friends of the Library. Next up was noted Oregon author and part-time Manzanita resident Lauren Kessler, who, as a special guest, read from her essays on the the importance of libraries and the special role they continue to play in her work.

With a membership of about 400, Olson urged those in attendance who were not Friends of the Library to join. “I think everyone living in north Tillamook County should be a Friend of the Library.”

Library anniversary 2.jpg.
Longtime ‘Friend of the Library’ Carol Povey, former Manzanita city councilor Leila Salmon, and Friends president Madeline Olson are all smiles during the celebration.
Library anniversary 3 2.jpg.
Noted author and part-time Manzanita resident Lauren Kessler shared her thoughts on the importance of libraries as she reads from her essays.
Library anniversary 4.jpg.
No celebration is complete without cake and there was plenty of it as the North Tillamook Library anniversary celebration ended on a tasty note.

Got books?

It’s not too soon to begin donating your gently-used books for next year’s 2018 library book sale.

Books must be in good condition to sell. Sets of books, e.g. Time-Life series and encyclopedias, do not sell and must be taken to Goodwill. Dictionaries, reference books, text books, diet, health and fitness books are not great sellers either. Best bet is to take those to Goodwill as well and save library volunteers a trip.

For those books that are not sold during the sale they are donated to a local Oregon family that sorts and passes them on to groups that appreciate books and cannot afford to purchase them.

The North Tillamook Library Friends relies on the donation of books for the success of its annual sale. Funds raised help support the maintenance of the library. Many thanks for continuing to support your library by donating gently-used books.

Financial Update from Treasurer Tony Johnson

Revenue for the month of June was $2,341, thanks to a strong response to the Leave a Legacy initiative, which raised $1,885 in immediate donations. Routine donations and dues contributed an additional $455.

Expenses totaled $2,401 and were much higher than anticipated due to a $1,000 unbudgeted retainer paid to the architect preparing the design for the refurbished patio. Consequently, a modest loss of $60 was reported. Routine expenses tracked well to the budget.

Year-to-Date Performance:

Revenue for the first six months came to $29,881 vs. a forecast of $21,127, with all budgeted revenue categories exceeding projections including membership dues and magazine sales. A $10,000 restricted donation from StanCorp Financial in honor of past NTLB president Kay Stepp put us over the top, while unrestricted donations of $5,192 far surpassed the $3,000 amount budgeted. The restricted StanCorp Financial donation is directed to the renovation of the patio.

Expenses of $20,191 were slightly under the $20,316 amount forecast, leading to an excess of revenue over expenses of $9,690 vs. a projected excess of $811.


Something fun here: How many books will you read in your lifetime? Writer Emily Temple has actually calculated the answer to that question. You can estimate for yourself here.

Happy reading.


Blog Post – July 4, 2017

Let the celebration begin!

North Tillamook Library Celebrates 30 Years July 8

To mark the 30th anniversary of the North Tillamook Library in Manzanita the library’s Friends group is hosting a celebration on July 8, 2017 at the Hoffman Gardens adjacent to the library at 571 Laneda Avenue.

Friends celebrate 30 years

The celebration will include a children’s story time, family music fun with Portland singer and musician Mo Phillips and the Ocean Bottom Country Blues Band featuring Tillamook County’s library director Sara Charlton, a presentation on the library’s history by Patty Went and an appearance by special guest Lauren Kessler, the noted Oregon author.

“For thirty years the North Tillamook Library has been building a community of learners by serving the communities of Wheeler, Nehalem and Manzanita, as well as the rural areas of north Tillamook County,” said Madeline Olson, president of the Friends of the Library. “Three decades ago visionary community leaders developed the plan and the funding to construct a beautiful building. All of us have benefited from that foresight and we are eager to celebrate thirty great years, thank our friends and acknowledge the great partnership we enjoy with the Tillamook County library.”

The North Tillamook Library operates with a unique public-private partnership. The Friends organization owns and maintains the library building, while the county library supplies all library materials and the professional library staff.

Oregon author Lauren Kessler will talk about the importance of libraries in both her work and her reading life. (Lauren offers some additional thoughts about her work and libraries below.)

Schedule of events on July 8:

11 a.m. – noon:  Story Time in the Library

Noon – 1:00 pm:  Family fun with Mo Phillips

1:00 – 2:00 pm:  Music by Ocean Bottom Country Blues Band featuring Tillamook County head librarian Sara Charlton

2:00 – 3:00 pm:  Welcome by Friends President Madeline Olson

  • Friends and library history presentation by Patty Went
  • “Tribute to Libraries” by Oregon author Lauren Kessler

3:00 – 4:00 pm:  Music, socializing – and cake!

The public is invited to attend this free event and consider becoming a Friend of the Library.

Lauren Kessler…on Life, Work and Libraries 

Lauren Kessler (Photo courtesy David Loveall)

A highlight of the Library’s 30th anniversary celebration will be an appearance and talk by award-winning Oregon author Lauren Kessler.

The author of nine works of narrative non-fiction, Kessler describes herself as a “(semi) fearless immersion reporter and self-designated guinea pig journalist who combines lively narrative with deep research to explore everything from the seemingly romantic but oh-so-gritty world of ballet to the wild, wild west of the anti-aging movement.”

Kirkus called her latest book Raising the Barre: Big Dreams, False Starts, and My Midlife Quest to Dance the Nutcracker, “An amusingly shrewd memoir of following a lifelong dream.” And People Magazine, which named the book one of the best of 2015, said the story was “eloquent, funny and inspiring.”

Kessler, a huge champion of libraries and a Friend of the North Tillamook Library, lives in Eugene and in anticipation of her July 8th visit to Manzanita generously agreed to answer a couple of questions.

Q. Could you tell us a bit about what you are working on these days?

“My work-in-progress is a book entitled A Grip of Time based on my (ongoing) two-year experience leading a writers’ group for Lifers at Oregon State Penitentiary. It is an exploration of the life lived by those who have lived most of their lives behind bars, of what it means to live such a life, to attempt to craft a life of meaning in a meaningless place, to ‘do time without it doing you,’ as they say.

“The book is also about us – the readers, me — facing prejudices and fears about criminals, torn between revenge and forgiveness, grappling with the notion that people who are capable of doing bad things may not be bad people. Or that people are capable of significant change, that it is possible that even the worst of us can remake and redeem himself. I continue to lead the group twice a month as I am writing. The book will be out in early 2019.”

Q. Obviously you are a big fan of libraries. Can you tell us a little about your affection for libraries? How did it begin?

“My affection for libraries and how that began is the subject of my talk at the event! So you’ll just have to promo it that way!”

Q. How do libraries figure in your own research and writing? And do you have thoughts about the role libraries play in the life of a small community in a rural area like Tillamook County?

“My work is a combination of immersion reportage, cultural anthropology and history. At every step of the way, I ‘report out’ from experience, hoping to bring depth and context to the subject. I have long depended on the resources in libraries – digital and bricks and mortar – to help me in this. I have also been …the word is ‘blessed’ and I use it advisedly … to know and work with extraordinary librarians who have not only gone out of their way to help but have sometimes “adopted” my projects and taken them into their hearts.

“Cicero wrote ‘A room without books is like a body without a soul.’ Now substitute a ‘community’ without a ‘library’ is like a body without a soul. That’s how important I think libraries are to communities, big and small — but especially to small, rural communities where there are fewer cultural opportunities. Books open the world to us. In rural and isolated communities, they bring the world to our doorstep.”

Creativity Boosting Session for Adults slated July 6

Reinvigorate your creative life, whether you are a painter, writer, photographer, or an artist of any kind, the Creative Boosting Session will give you the tools and inspiration to give your artistic side a boost!

The workshop will be held Thursday, July 6, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the North Tillamook Library in Manzanita. Mark your calendar.

Summer Programs at the Library in full swing

A series of fun and educational events for children (and adults too) are underway at the North Tillamook Library in Manzanita. The remainder of the summer program schedule looks like this:

Saturday, July 8, at 12 noon, it’s Music with Mo Phillips for singing and dancing.

Friday, July 14, at 3 p.m., Penny’s Puppets visits the library.

Friday, July 21, at 3 p.m., catch Juggling with Curtis Carlyle.

Friday, Aug. 4, at 3 p.m., summertime programs come to a close on with the ever-popular Bug Chicks.




Blog Post – June 12, 2017

Volunteers, community combine to make annual book sale a success

Thanks to the work of book sale coordinator, Ann Morgan; book sorting room coordinator and co-manager of Hoffman Center site, Tela Skinner; book moving man, Michael Maginnis; volunteer ‘wrangler’ extraordinaire Judi Hanson; Victoria Holt, Pine Grove site manager (stepping in for Peggy Biskar) and more than 100 volunteers, the North Tillamook Library Friends had the most successful book sale in at least three years.

Book browsers scan the thousands of books offered at the recent Friends sale. (Photos by Linda Petersen)

The sale raised $8,443.78 to support the maintenance of the building and grounds of our Library. As many of you know the library building and grounds are owned and maintained by the nonprofit Friends. The book sale is its major fund raiser each year.

The book sale’s Friday evening “Members only” pre-sale netted $2,745.25.

“Book sale results this year are heartening for several reasons: we exceeded our budget goal of $7,000, and three years of declining revenue from the event was ended,” treasurer Tony Johnson reported. In addition, a grand total of 40 people became new members.

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Friends largest annual fundraiser

“I would like to thank the community for once again supporting our library,” said Friends president Madeline Olson. “This sale would not occur nor have been successful this year without the work of more than 100 volunteers. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS. YOU ARE WONDERFUL IN YOUR COMMITMENT TO OUR LIBRARY AND COMMUNITY. I also appreciate the flexible collaboration of our nonprofit partners, the Hoffman Center for the Arts and Pine Grove Community Center. I would also like to thank Jody Swanson proprietor of Cloud & Leaf Bookstore in Manzanita for the loan of display equipment for our children’s book sale.”

Creativity Boosting Session for Adults slated July 6

Reinvigorate your creative life. Whether you are a painter, writer, photographer, or an artist of any kind, the Creative Boosting Session will give you the tools and inspiration to give your artistic side a boost!

The workshop will be held Thursday, July 6, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the North Tillamook Library in Manzanita. Mark your calendar.

Summer Programs at the Library Kickoff June 23

A series of fun and educational events for children (and adults too) get underway with a visit to the library by the ever-popular Reptile Man on Friday, June 23, at 3 p.m.

On Friday, June 30, ventriloquist Vicki Gasko Green will be on hand at the library. The program gets underway at 3 p.m.

On Saturday, July 8, at 12 noon, it’s Music with Mo Phillips for singing and dancing.

Penny’s Puppets visits Friday, July 14, at 3 p.m., followed by Juggling with Curtis Carlyle a week later, July 21, also at 3:00.

Summertime program come to a close Friday, Aug. 4, at 3 p.m. with The Bug Chicks.

Anniversary Celebration July 8

Now that the book sale is behind us and we’re into the month of June, we’re shifting focus to the July 8 special event – our Library’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

North Tillamook Library in Manzanita will celebrate its 30th anniversary in July

A reminder of the schedule:

11 a.m. – noon:  Story Time in the Library

Noon – 1:00 pm:  Family fun with Portland singer/musician Mo Phillips

1:00 – 2:00 pm:  Music by The Ocean Bottom Country Blues Band featuring Tillamook County head librarian Sara Charlton.

2:00 – 3:00 pm:

  • Welcome by Friends President Madeline Olson
  • Friends and library history presentation by Patty Went
  • “Tribute to Libraries” by Oregon author Lauren Kessler

3:00 – 4:00 pm:  Music, socializing – and cake!

Please plan to attend the celebration and invite others to consider becoming a Friend of the Library. Board member Gail Young is coordinating the anniversary celebration. She can be reached at

Other Library Activities

A reminder to check the Friends website for other events scheduled at the North Tillamook Library, including upcoming Saturday Magazine Sales on July 1, August and September 2. Magazine sales take place from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Library.

And finally…

If you are reading this it is probably a safe bet you are a regular reader of books and a frequent visitor to libraries, but not all Americans are readers. The Pew Research Center has some interesting insights into who doesn’t read books. Here is a link to a summary of the Center’s research.


Blog Post – May 23, 2017

Library Levy Passes

Thank you to all of the friends and other citizens who voted yes to keep our Libraries open in Tillamook County.  Thanks to these efforts the vote was very positive, greater than 62% yes vote by Wednesday morning, May 17.  The vote will be certified in the next week or two.

Our Friends supported the levy by making phone calls, posting Library Yes signs, writing letters to the editors and voting.  Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of our Libraries.

Book Sale Returns Memorial Day Weekend

An annual Memorial Day tradition plays out May 26 and 27 in Manzanita, as the North Tillamook Library hosts its book sale featuring thousands of donated books. It’s a sale that has become so big in recent years that it is held at two locations: The Hoffman Center for the Arts (549 Laneda Ave.) and Pine Grove Community House three blocks away (225 Laneda).

The sale begins Friday evening, May 26, from 5 to 7 p.m. in which members of the Friends of the Library get first crack at this year’s selection. If you are not a member, have no fears, you can join the evening of the presale – $10 for an individual membership and $15 for a family. On Saturday, May 27, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the general public is invited to comb the shelves and tables for good deals on “gently used” books.

The books at the Hoffman Center, across form the library, are non-fiction and include cookbooks, biographies, humor, nature, gardening, history, religion, self-help, reference, general interest and coffee table books. Just down the street one can find fiction books at the Pine Grove Community House – novels, mysteries, science fiction, poetry, romances and children’s books.

The book sale, held every year Memorial Day weekend, is the major fundraiser for the North Tillamook County Friends for maintenance of the North Tillamook Library in Manzanita. Over 100 volunteers from Wheeler, Nehalem and Manzanita volunteer to make the book sale a success.

April Financial Report

Income for the month, reported by NTLF treasurer Tony Johnson, was $1,825 thanks to a $1,250 donation from Living Room Realty. During the past twelve months, the company’s agents have contributed over $5,000 to the Library.  We are honored that the North Tillamook Library has been the beneficiary of this program.  The expenses, $1,143, tracked well to budget, leading to net income of $682.

The reserve funds, invested through Wells Fargo, continue to perform well.  The reserves are critical to meeting our responsibility to ensure that our 30-year old library building and grounds are maintained in top notch condition.

Library Historian Reflects on 30 Great Years

(The first in a series of articles previewing the Library’s 30th anniversary celebration in July.)

Patty Went loves libraries, passionately loves them, as perhaps only a long-time teacher can.

“If you can’t read you can’t get along in life,” Patty says, and she and her husband Burt “have always been involved in libraries,” including in their native Ohio prior to moving permanently to Manzanita. Patty Went has meticulously recorded the history of the long process involved in the creation of the North Tillamook Library. She is the “historical memory” for the library that will celebrates its 30th anniversary in July with a variety of events.

Patty will have a key role in the festivities when she will present a talk on the library’s intriguing history, a story that confirms what is possible when a community pulls together to create a true community asset.

The 30th anniversary celebration will kick off at 11:00 am on July 8 with story time at the library followed by various music programs in the Hoffman Gardens. The history presentation is scheduled at 2:00 pm followed by a talk by acclaimed Oregon author Lauren Kessler who is a member of the Friends of the Library. Cake will be served to cap off the celebration.

Library History…a Story of Community Commitment

After exhaustive research three years ago, Patty Went pulled together the definitive history of the library. She combed old files, newspaper clips and conducted oral history interviews with, as she says, “everyone still alive” who had a role in the remarkable community effort that raised the money, bought the land and built the now nearly three decade old library building on Lanada Avenue in Manzanita.

The North Tillamook Library represents a unique public-private partnership that has served a “community of learners” since 1987. The Friends of the Library own and maintain the building and grounds, while the Tillamook County library provides staff and library materials and programs. That partnership has endured thanks to both the commitment of the county library and remarkable support from dedicated citizens and library supporters in the Nehalem, Wheeler and Manzanita areas. The library enjoys the support of more than 300 active members who provide financial support for the building and grounds and chip in to support various library efforts, including the annual used book sale.

Patty Went has observed this remarkable community commitment up close for more than twenty years. She remembers first visiting Manzanita years ago and driving down Lanada Avenue toward the beach and marveling at the library building and grounds. “We decided right there that any town that cares that much about a library is a town for us,” she says.

Prior to the construction of the current library building a small library existed in Pine Grove Community Center, but growth eventually outpaced that locations capacity to meet the demands of the little city. Community activists then stepped forward to create the plan and funding to build the current facility.

North Tillamook Library in Manzanita will celebrate its 30th anniversary in July

Within six months of becoming a part-time resident in the 1990s Patty was serving on the Friends of the Library board. She remembers a friend making “it quite clear she would have a job” as a community volunteer and eventually one of her jobs became documenting the library’s colorful history. Her research confirmed the existence of a deep community commitment to creating and sustaining the library. Establishing a first-rate library had became the mission of dozens of “community activists” in the 1980s, including volunteers like Ann Knipe and Mary Kay Eskridge who were among the early promoters of the concept. Volunteers Jim and Sandy Shields, for example, helped organize the effort to create the friend’s non-profit status and provided financial advice. Many others contributed money, time and passion.

The effort to create an initial $60,000 reserve fund netted a grand total of $102 from an early pancake breakfast fundraiser. Patty notes that it took both great vision and a lot of work to create the fund that continues to provide financial resources to maintain the library building and grounds in top-notch shape.

The North Tillamook Library’s “unofficial historian” is looking forward to the July celebration of 30 years that will also be a community celebration of, as Patty says, “a wonderful building in a wonderful location that remains a wonderful community resource.”

We will feature more news on the 30th anniversary celebration in future editions of the Friend’s blog. You can read Patty Went’s full history of the library here.

Upcoming Events: 

Check out more upcoming events at the Library’s calendar.