Annual Book Sale

We’re looking for your donated books!

Do you have books that you are ready to “re-home?”  We will be looking for book donations all year in preparation for the 2019 Book Sale.  Please bring your books to the Library’s front desk.  Thanks in advance!

AND, we will definitely be looking for volunteers who want to help out at this fun event.  Contact us to add your name to the list.  We’ll call you early in 2019 to see how you want to help.

The 2018 Book Sale was Another big success !   

 The Library’s annual Memorial Day weekend book sale was another wonderful success.  The Library raised money and community members got really good deals on all kinds of books.
As with all successful events, it takes an army of smart, dedicated, energetic people to get it done.  The Manzanita community always comes through with lots of help.  We salute all of you who helped us make this a resounding win.

Before the Sale:

It sounds astounding, but the Library has a group of volunteers who work ALL YEAR sorting donated books.  Let that sink in for a minute:  these volunteers work every week ALL YEAR, carrying, sorting and boxing books.

Judy Lindley, Kaleen Wineinger, Karen Babbitt, Kathleen Moore, Laurie McCray, Mary Ruhl, Melinda Selig, Tela Skinner, Susan Reinhardt, Peggy Christensen, Michael McGinnis, and Isabel Beaton

Planning the Sale:

Of course there is a volunteer committee who handles all the coordination, logistics and planning for the sale.  A big thank you goes to Ann Morgan, chair of the event for the past five years, whose tireless planning and attention to detail has made the Book Sale a smooth running machine.  She worked with a crew of capable committee members:

Madeline Olson, Judy Lindley, Victoria Holt, Jo Newhouse, Linda Petersen, Mark Kuestner, Tony Johnson, Tela Skinner, Lynne Gross

During the Sale:

It is during the two days of the Book Sale that the army really comes out!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers who stood up and said “I want to help” and then made it happen.  We hope we haven’t missed anyone’s name; please accept our apologies if we have and let us know so we can add you to this list.  Everyone of you is important to us.

Adam Grimm               Allan Olson               Andy Grimm

Angelo Stanzione        Ann Morgan              Anne Thomas

Arna Vanebo                Asher                         Barb Rippey

Barbara Krueger        Barbara McLaughlin     Barry Marshall

Ben Hanf                   Bernard Twiggs             Bill Allen

Bruce Gilbert             Carl Vandervoort          Carol Jones

Carol Nichols             Carole Steele                 Cathy Tinker

Clara                           Colby Baumanlag         Craig Nern

Cynthia Alamillo         Daniel Price                   Dave Fisher

David Boone               Deb DeWit                     Debbie Harmon

Debbie Moberly          Dottie Middleton          Erin Leake

Gary Seelig                  Gary St. John                 Ginny Allen

GeorgieThurber            Heather Shuford          Garry Bullard (and Beau)

Heidi Burgoyne            Isabelle Beaton              Jack Houeland

Jacki Hinton                 Jan Fisher                       Jan Layne

Jack Thurber                Jenny Greenleaf             Jeremy Sappington

Jett Keyser                   Jill Jones                          Jim Dopp

June Baumler                Jill Thurston                   Jo Newhouse

John Hamby                Karen Kronoff                 Karen Babbitt

Kate Grimm                  Kathleen Moore              Katja Biesanz

Kay Stepp                    Ken Jones                         Larry Paluck

Laurie McCray              Lee Hiltenbrand              Leila Salmon

Linda Essex                   Linda Kuestner               Linda Makohon

Linda Olson                  Linda Petersen                Lindsey Shuford

Lisa Baumanlag             Lisa Marahrens              Lloyd Lindley

Lynne Gross                  Marc Johnson                 Marcia Silver

Margaret Christensen   Mark Beach                    Mark Roberts

Madeline Olson           Mary Roberts                   Mary Ruhl

Mary Jacobsen              Michael Hithe                 Mike Vanebo

Patricia Welch                Patty Reksten                 Patty Rinehart

Peggy Biskar                  Phil Blanton                   Phil Mannan

Portia Jeffries                Rob Borgford                 Rudy Petersen

Sally Vanebo                  Scott Krueger                Steve Nuttall

Sharon Borgford            Stacey Hanf                   Stacy Nuttall

Steven Brier                    Steve West                   Sue Williams

Susan Dietsche               Susan Hayden             Susan Rinehardt

Susan Tone                     Terri Maragos               Thomas Ryan

Trish Johnson                  Valerie Twiggs              Victoria Holt

Wendy Ryan                    William Moore