Blog Post – June 8, 2018

Used Book Sale Big Success

By all accounts the 2018 North Tillamook Library Friends Book Sale was a success.  After expenses we earned over $7,200. In the days leading up to the sales and on Friday evening, 42 memberships were sold. The membership team headed by Jo Newhouse and Steve Brier also sold North Tillamook Library book bags contributing to the bottom line and the handsome book bags sold out.

More than 120 people were involved in sorting and moving books and supplies to sale sites, setting up and arranging books, placing signs in the area, tallying books, taking money, keeping books tidy and organized for buyers, taking down and cleaning up the sales sites. We received compliments from buyers about the quality of the books and organization of our sales sites.

This is not only the premier fund-raiser for the Friends, it is widely seen as a community-building event. We had many new volunteers this year who were excited to be part of the event and want to come and work again next year. This sale makes books available at bargain prices and keeps books moving through the community and beyond.

The 2018 book sale would not have happened without the leadership of Ann Morgan, head of the Sale again this year. Victoria Holt was site co-coordinator for fiction at the Pine Grove and brought great energy and creativity to marketing classics and staff picks.  Judy Lindley co-coordinated the nonfiction site at Hoffman Center for the Arts and used her experience with book sales for the Multnomah County Library Friends to rearrange the sale space that created better customer flow and access to books.

As always, there would be no book sale without the team that sorts and prices books year around and rely on the team of book movers to bring the donations from the Library to the sorting room. Tela Skinner has headed up the “book sorters” for several years and was helped by Judy Lindley and Susan Rinehardt, both of whom stepped up as Tela needed to step away for health reasons. We also had several people step in to move books throughout the year, Mark Beach, Susan Rinehardt, Steve Miller, Barb Ripey and Barry Marshall.


Local Book Club – Insightful and Inciting

On the fourth Friday of nearly every month an erudite conversation can be overheard outside the Fireside Room of NCRD in the early afternoon. It’s the monthly meeting of the book club.

And Gail Young, a retired high school English teacher and former Friends board member, is leading the discussion. After participants give their views of the book, Gail adds her insightful (and incite-full) input.

Her summaries are the result of her years of teaching.  “I never encountered a book I didn’t like,” she says.

She thinks about the writer. “What are the choices that writer made to captivate and challenge the reader?” She examines character, point of view, setting and plot. How is the story told: in chronological order, through flashbacks, in the first person? There are lots of choices.

Sometimes most of these questions have been answered by the time Gail speaks. But she almost always adds some gem. And she does so by asking herself what has the writer done to enchant the reader.

She says she and June Baumler were “bequeathed” the book club. June handles the book selection. And book kits.

Members suggest books and then vote on selections.  Everyone is welcome on the fourth Friday of the month at 1:30 p.m.

Library Friends Board Meet June 16

The library Friends board meets on June 16 at 8:00 am at the Library. On the agenda are reports on the organization’s finances, an update from the nominations and governance committee and a presentation by board member Steve Brier on “Estate Planning for Dummies.”

What Are You Reading?

Wondering what to read this summer? We have two lists of some great titles. The first is a long list of 100 great books by women authors. The list was compiled by the Hay Festival, a celebrated annual literary festival in Wales, and the website The Pool. The list was published recently in the Irish Times.

And here is another list of good reads for the summer compiled by Publishers Weekly.

See you at the Library!