Blog Post – December 18, 2017

Library Friends Annual Meeting

All Library Friends are welcome at the organization’s annual meeting January 20, 2018 at North Tillamook Library in Manzanita.

The annual meeting will begin at 3:00 pm and will involve election of board members and officers.

The Friends organization, the owner of our library building and grounds, depends upon its members to provide the financial support to operate and maintain the physical library building. We welcome your active participation as we continue to chart a course to the future for your library.

Renovation Update

The library patio renovation is underway and on schedule. The old patio and surround was demolished and removed two weeks ago and preparations made for new concrete footings. Expect to see some steel columns being erected in the coming weeks. The new cedar enclosure will follow with new pavers to complete the larger and more useful space. Be sure to keep watch on the progress as you patronize our wonderful library.

NASA Ambassador Speaks in February

Greg Cermak, a member of the NASA Solar System Ambassador’s program, will speak at North Tillamook Library on Saturday February 17, 2018. Cermak’s presentation will focus on “Volcanism in the Solar System.”Solar-Systems-Ambassador-Program-COMP

Mark your calendars for 1:00 pm for what promises to be a fascinating program. The program is, of course, free and open to the public.

Cermak, a software engineer and technical trainer with more than thirty years’ experience developing high-performance engineering, scientific, and analytical software applications, has been a part of the volunteer NASA program since 1999. He is a frequent speaker at school programs, public, and industry events and his program in Manzanita is sure to be a “must attend” for anyone interested in space.

1435082743-thanks-for-helping-clipart-1-e1495650278583Donations “In Honor Of” and “In Memory Of”

Thank you to the many Friends who have given a donation in recognition of a special person.  Your generous support helps maintain and renovate our building and grounds. Together we’re “Building a Community of Learners” well into the future. Your loyalty and dedication to our Library are greatly appreciated.



  • Ann Morgan by Mark and Mary Roberts
  • The People of Manzanita by Michael and Susan Peskura
  • Paul Owens by Lois Jones
  • Kay Stepp by Lee and Debi Hiltenbrand
  • Kay Stepp by Marcia Silver
  • Kay Stepp by Mary Beth Allen
  • Charlotte Forster by Isabella Beaton
  • Hank and Peggy Beard by Leanne Soderberg
  • Patty Rinehart and Carl Peters by Colleen and Richard Everroad
  • Kelsey Knight by Betsy Chase and Paul Knight
  • Tony Johnson & Jill Thurston by Lorraine Ortiz
  • Jeff and Denise Davis by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Jane Geason by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Shirley Klock and Mark Housley by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Michael and Leah Wannell by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Trish and Marc Johnson by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Dick and Lisa Jones by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Monica Isbell by Susan Tone (RE/MAX Coastal Advantage)
  • Helen Tippens by Julie Tippens
  • Agatha Christie by Wendy Zack and Hannah Lyons
  • North Tillamook Library by Lindy Barkline
  • Library Volunteers by Marv and Patricia Welch
  • Kathryn Stock by Debbie Boots and Jae Heidenreich
  • Kids Who Read by Gary St. John and Curtis Mudd
  • Richard and Gail Young by Kathy and Randy Hungate

In Memory Of:

  • Mary Allemeier by Kathryn and Philip Cottle
  • Margaret Lewis by Gail Frank and Joe Balden
  • George Hinkhouse by Danielle Johnson (Manzanita Beach Getaway)
  • Marlene and Victoria Elizando by Trish and Marc Johnson
  • Jeanie Yeats by Debbie Harmon
  • Penny LeGrand  by Sue LeGrand
  • Carl Peters by Patty Rinehart
  • Carl Peters by Robert and Debra Hayles
  • Carl Peters by Marleen and Ted Weissbach
  • Ann Nicholson by Owen Nicholson
  • Ann Nicholson by Mike and Lori Kositch
  • Ann Nicholson by Sharon and Rob Borgford
  • Kathleen Ryan by Jill Thurston
  • Margaret Turnbull by Connie Polits
  • Dawn L. Schechtel by Paula Sansum
  • Dawn L. Schechtel by Martha Schechtel
  • Richard Luce by Bev Luce
  • LeeAnn Neal by Lori and Dave Dillon
  • LeeAnn Neal by Charles and Barbara McLaughlin
  • Jean Reed Prentiss by Ann Morgan
  • Jean Reed Prentiss by Carol Povey
  • Eve Avery by Tony and Sarah Johnson
  • Kay Covert by Walt Covert
  • Tekla Holt by Victoria Holt
  • Lucille Stock by Kathryn Stock and Deb Tinnin
  • Richard Makohon by Linda Makohon
  • Harriet Pitman by Gwen and Alan Shusterman
  • Lenore Erlebach by Rosa and Paul Erlebach
  • Rex Champ by Lisa and Larry Paluck
  • Frances Watts by Loraine and Tony Carlson
  • Eunice Massey by Karen and Marv Hirte

Thanks so much for your support! 

And best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a great 2018.