Blog Post – November 6, 2017

Library Patio Renovation Moves Ahead

The design stages are complete for the patio alteration and renovation. We are in process of obtaining bids for several separate elements that will ultimately come together as a final, welcoming product.

Patio renovations move ahead

You will likely see some work occurring at the southeast corner of the library in the coming weeks, including demolition and excavation. This may create momentary parking disruptions for a few days. We thank you for your patience during those times. Daily library operations will continue on a normal basis. The ultimate goal is to make the patio area more inviting with a slightly larger exterior patron area. The current fixed bench seating will be removed in favor of more flexible individual chairs and small tables. We will also be completely removing and replacing the existing enclosure.

Friends Report Solid Financial Year

The North Tillamook Library Friends can report a strong year financially, with sufficient revenue to comfortably pay expenses and have a surplus at year-end. Through September, revenue totaled $37,003, slightly ahead of the projected amount. Most of these funds were provided by donations ($21,005), followed by the Memorial Weekend book sale ($8,241), the Leave a Legacy initiative ($4,034), membership dues ($2,105), and magazine sales ($909), with all categories exceeding projections, a tribute to the Friends of the Library whose hard work and support made it possible.

Expenses for the period came to $25,745 vs. a budget of $26,592, with virtually all categories at or below estimated levels. As a result, the Library Friends posted an excess of revenue over expenses of $11,258, exceeding the projected surplus by over $1,700, setting the stage to report strong results at year-end.

We are grateful to our Friends and donors whose gifts make it possible to operate the Library within budget and to protect our reserves. As many of you know, the Friends have full responsibility for the maintenance and preservation of our 30 year old building. It is important that we maintain the strength of our reserves as we look forward to major exterior work within the next several years. Thank you.

Leave a Legacy Campaign Scores Generous Gifts


To celebrate North Tillamook Library’s 30th Anniversary, forty Library Friends gave generous gifts to the Library, leaving a legacy for many more years of Library services in our North Tillamook Community.  The following list designates gifts at three levels:  Donors, Sponsors and Benefactors.

Thanks to all for their generosity and dedication to our Library.


  • Carol and Jim Anderson
  • Thomas Ayres and Barbara Temple Ayres
  • Bread & Ocean Bakery/Cafe
  • Mary Brophy
  • Louise Christianson
  • Philip and Kathryn Cottle
  • Cheri E.
  • Ed and Mary Gallagher
  • John and Elaine Hanby
  • Linda and George Reddish
  • Thomas Stine and Cynthia Karthas
  • Bill and Sara Tattam


  • Balden Arboriculture Services
  • Bob and Sylvia Bouneff
  • Heidi Burgoyne
  • In Memory of Roy Champ
  • Margaret Christensen
  • Loretta Erickson
  • Jim and Kathy Hickey
  • Debi and Lee Hiltenbrand
  • Huckleberry Farm Studios
  • Ken and Jill Jones
  • The Kositch Family
  • Bob La Torre and Renee Delight-La Torre
  • Manzanita Lumber Company
  • Lorraine A. Ortiz
  • Dick and Connie Polits
  • Dan and Cathy Silver
  • Helen Tippens


  • Stephen Brier and Barbara Scott-Brier
  • Susan Dietsche
  • Bill and Karen Harshbarger
  • Monica Isbell
  • Patricia and Marc Johnson
  • Tony and Sarah Johnson
  • Living Room Realty
  • Madeline Olson
  • Mike and Phyllis Scott
  • Stepp Family Trust
  • Richard and Gail Young

Library Board Meets November 18

The final 2017 meeting of the North Tillamook Library Board is November 18, 2017 at the Library at 9 AM. This meeting will receive reports from Nominating and Governance Committee presenting the slate of Board candidates for 2018 for Board recommendation to the Friends at the January 20, 2018 Annual Meeting. The Treasurer will present the draft 2018 Budget for Board recommendation to the Friends at the Annual Meeting. Friends are welcome at all Board Meetings; please join us.

Last 2017 Garden Work Party Scheduled

Please join Karen Babbitt and volunteers for the final fall cleanup of the Library grounds. Work will be from 10 AM to noon on November 19, 2017. Warm beverages will be available. Dress for the weather and bring your favorite kneeling pad and garden tools. Please join us on November 19, 2017.

HALLOWEEN – Manzanita Style Means Spooky Safe Fun

North Tillamook kids and parents hit the streets of Manzanita from 3 to 5 PM on Halloween, visiting local businesses who were ready for the Trick or Treaters with an abundance of goodies.  And then, as dusk filled the streets, the costumed Halloweeners, young and old, gathered at the Pine Grove Community Center for more celebration:  art activities, prizes, cookie making, pizza and story time.  Library Friend, Sue McGrath – aka The Fairy Godmother of Storytime – armed with ghostly bubbles and bone-rattling instruments, gathered a group of partygoers for spooky Halloween stories.  Thanks to all who helped make Halloween a Spooky Safe Fun time for our entire community.


Nancy Pearl

Many book lovers know Nancy Pearl, the Seattle librarian often called “America’s Librarian.” Her delightful book reviews and comments are heard regularly on NPR and Pearl has even inspired an action figure – the “shushing librarian.”

Pearl is passionate about books and her “Book Lust” and “More Book Lust” have become favorites with book lovers across the country.

Well, as the Seattle news site Crosscut reported recently, “Pearl has ventured into new creative territory. She’s switched from literary cheerleader to novelist with her much anticipated debut novel, “George and Lizzie, published this fall by Touchstone.”

Here is a link to the full story and the Washington Post’s recent review of the new novel.