Blog Post – December 15, 2016

Great News about Dues!

As of December 11, we have met and exceeded our $3,000 budgeted amount for Friends Dues Revenue!  73 Friends renewed their 2017 memberships – 58 of those since December 1st – with revenue from Dues from those 58 totaling $765.   Added to the $2,755 previous revenue, we are at $3,520 – so far this year.  Thanks you, Friends, for your membership in North Tillamook Library Friends.

Recognizing Special  People

Thank you to the many Friends who made a donation “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” a special person in 2016.  Your generous support has helped maintain and renovate our building and grounds.  Together we are “Building a Community of Learners” well into the Future.



Mary Allemeier by Kathryn & Philip Cottle

Jack Allen by Michael Maginnis & Tela Skinner

Eve Avery by Sarah & Tony Johnson

Hank & Peggy Beard by Leanne Soderberg

Kay Covert by Walt Covert

Laurie DeKlyen by Jennifer Holm

Jimmie M. Desaro by Terri Desaro & Craig Nern

Faith Dorothy by Stevie Burden

James Erickson by Loretta Erickson

Lenore Erlebach by Rosa & Paul Erlebach

Ann Haward by Gail & Joe Balden

Ann & Richard Haward by Carol & William Greer

Betty Hayward by Kay Christianson

George Hemingway by Ed & Mary Gallagher

Cary Herz by Sue LeGrand

Shirley Kalkhoven by Candy & Blain Bocarde

Kay & Howie by Karen Babbitt

Jeffrey Kozlowski  by Linda Kozlowski

Eric Lindahl by Robert & Sharon Borgford

Eric Lindahl by Margaret & Paul Steele

Marilyn Morey by Rayanne Edwards

Shiela Morse by Danielle Johnson

Ann Nicholson by Jill Thurston

Evelyn & Richard Ritz by Dave & Sue Williams

Red Rivers by Jill & Darryl Carter

Kathleen Ryan by Monica Isbell

Dawn L. Schechtel by Paula & Robb Sansum

Rose Sparks by Billie & Brian Hines

Margaret Turnbull by Connie Polits

Mary Turner by Jan Layne

Fran Watts by Loraine & Tony Carlson


All Grandchildren by Sue Jelineo

Karen Babbitt by Sharon & Steven Gibson

Loraine & Tony Carlson by Susan Tone

Jim Chandler by Lee & Debi Hiltenbrand

Charlotte Forster by Barbara & Michael Masterson

Betty Hamilton by LinMarie DiCianni

Monica Isbell by Dan & Paula Conner

Monica Isbell by Sharon & Steven Gibson

Monica Isbell by Lorraine Ortiz

Monica Isbell by Susan Tone

Josie by Linda Olsson

Dessie Knight by Betsy Chase & Paul Knight

The Kurtzman Family by Robert & Debra Hayles

Dixie Lee by Marvin & Patricia Welch

Peg Miller by Barbara & Michael Masterson

Ann Morgan by Mary & Mark Roberts

The People of Manzanita by Michael & Susan Peskura

Carol Povey’s 100th Birthday by Madeline Olson

Marcia Silver by Sharon & Steven Gibson

Gayle Stephens by Loretta Erickson

Kay Stepp by Mary Beth Allen

Kay Stepp by Charlene Gernert

Marlene Thal by Kate McCoy

Helen Tippens by Julie Tippens

Patty Went’s 80th Birthday by Margaret Steele

Richard & Gail Young by Patty Rinehart


In Gratitude

Two recent library maintenance issues were handled at no charge thanks to local contractors who stand behind their work.

Steve Van Dyke from Van Dyke Plumbing had installed two new water closets in the bathrooms last spring.  Staff noted that the Men’s room toilet was running continuously and promptly shut off the water supply to that fixture.  Steve arrived the next day and replaced a ball valve in the toilet without any charge to the Library Friends.  Steve stated, “I have not had any issues with that particular toilet, but want to make it right.”

A small hole was noticed in the new carpet by the custodial contractor.  This appeared to be the result of subterranean termites.  Arik Barnes from Town and Country Pest Control was notified and responded the next day.  He concurred that the problem was due to termites and treated the affected area.  Arik treated the library for termites last fall and refused to bill the Library Friends for this return treatment.  He said that, “when I do a treatment, I want to make sure that no critters show up during the following year.”

We thank Steve and Aric for their good will and gracious work on behalf of the North Tillamook Library Friends.


Mark Your 2017 Calendar

On Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., join us at North Tillamook Library for An Oregon Humanities Discussion – Good Food, Bad Food: Agriculture, Ethics, and Personal Choice.  Oregon boasts a multibillion-dollar agricultural economy that includes both industrial agriculture and small-scale efforts such as community supported agriculture  memberships, farmers’markets, and community gardens.  These smaller, community-based efforts are on the rise as means to nurture community and create local and autonomous food systems.  Are these choices as consequential as consumers would like them to be?  Does voting with your dollars significantly shape our agricultural systems?  This is the focus of this free conversation with Kristy Athens.


Great Books for Children

Looking for a great read for a youngster?  Here is a fine list of 16 books, but each of them just might interest an adult, too.

As Maurice Sendak, a much admired author of “children’s books,” once said: “I don’t write for children.  I write — and somebody says, ‘That’s for children!”

Click on the link to review list:


What Friends are Reading

Trish Johnson of Manzanita is a big fan of our library and a volunteer at the annual Friends book sale.  What follows is her review of Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

“This slim volume explores in a powerful way the realities of being African-American in our society.  Written as a letter to his son, Coates, a writer for The Atlantic, reviews the history of racism and intolerance in our culture and its impact on the lives of black Americans.   It is heartbreaking and revealing and a book everyone should read.  Until I read this book, I had no real understanding of what it is like to be a black person trying to live in this country.  This book gave me context and opened my eyes to the daily struggles that people of color face everyday.  Between the World and Me will give you the courage you need to speak up and challenge your own thinking or remind you that speaking up in the face of discrimination is an important part of being human.”


If You Love Libraries You Probably Love Bookstores, Too

Novelist Ann Patchett, author of the award winning Bel Canto and the currently very popular Commonwealth (available in our library, albeit with a bit of a wait list), owns and operates a bookstore in Nashville.  She obviously loves books and in a recent article provided a grand tour of some of the country’s great bookstore.

Patchett says bookstores, like libraries, are sanctuaries for the mind where you can “sit in a quiet chair and read your new book.  Go ahead, that’s what we’re here for.”

Here’s her list of some great destinations for book lovers: