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North Tillamook Library Receives $21,000 Grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust

North Tillamook Library Receives $21,000 Grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust
By Kay Stepp, North Tillamook Library Board President
North Tillamook Library in Manzanita is a recipient of a $21,201 award from the Oregon Cultural Trust as one of 85 successful grant applications out of a total of 165 submissions from across Oregon. The money will be used to repurpose a room in the Library to serve as a community learning center in addition to providing major upgrades to the rest of the building.
Library renovation will occur in early 2016, and include leveling the northwest corner of the building, installing new carpeting throughout, upgrading to energy efficient lighting and adding new shelving. This work is in preparation for repurposing the Hoffman Room as an education and technology learning space. Books displayed in the Hoffman Room will be moved to other areas in the library. The redesigned space will include electrical outlets throughout and new furniture that will easily configure for classroom presentations, individual work stations and small to large team meetings.
As part of the project, Tillamook County Library has committed to offering increased adult programming in the new space, including an emphasis on technology training following the renovation. Currently, Tillamook County Library has difficulty in offering adult programming at North Tillamook Library due to space limitations.
“To repurpose this space in the existing structure is to open up a world of possibilities,” said Bill Landau, Tillamook County Library Extension Manager. “In Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler and the surrounding rural community we have a ready, willing and able audience who yearns for the programming we can provide such as group computer classes, open mic events, a photography club, lectures, travelogues and streaming events.” Tillamook County Library has committed to provide a large screen television in the new space to be able to offer streaming content.
The project budget totals $76,400. In addition to the Oregon Cultural Trust Grant of $21,201, the budget includes $15,000 of in-kind contributions from Tillamook County Library; $33,000 from the Linda Anne Easely bequest received in 2014 and set aside for this purpose; and $7,199 from North Tillamook Library Friends, proceeds from the recent raffle. “We do not intend to withdraw funds from our Investment Account to complete this project,” said Kay Stepp, North Tillamook Library Board president. “Through our partnership with Tillamook County Library, the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Easely Bequest and the generosity and support of North Tillamook Library Friends we can fund this major project from current resources.”
“This will be the biggest project undertaken by the Friends since building the Library in 1987,” added Stepp. “We learned through the Tillamook County Library Futures Project that library facilities must adapt to the changing needs of information consumers. We now have data on the needs of consumers in our service area and we are excited to be able to provide a library facility that meets those needs. This is our mission.”