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North Tillamook Library in Manzanita to Unveil New Sign

Letter to the Editor
By Kay Stepp, President, North Tillamook Library Board
North Tillamook Library in Manzanita to Unveil New Sign
At the community party on July 17, the North Tillamook Library Board unveiled a new sign designed by local artist Susan Walsh to replace the 28 year-old original sign that has deteriorated to the rickety stage. The new sign identifies the facility as the North Tillamook Library and uses the new logo of our partner Tillamook County Library to signify our unique public-private partnership.
I imagine there are questions about why the name of the facility is now North Tillamook Library rather than Manzanita Branch Library, the name on the old sign.
In 2012 the North Tillamook Library Board completed its first strategic plan. An important element of that plan was to reach out to the communities of Nehalem and Wheeler, making our library a “tri-cities” library, not just a Manzanita library. The concept of outreach beyond Manzanita was reaffirmed in the 2015 Tillamook County Library strategic plan when our Library’s “service area” was identified as south of Wheeler to the Clatsop County border on the north and from the ocean on the west to the Washington County border on the east. As it so happens our founders must have shared this vision because North Tillamook Library also is our legal corporate name. We are North Tillamook Library.
The Board wishes to thank Susan Walsh for the beautiful sign, Michael J. Kirkland Construction for removal of the old sign and installation of the new sign, and Karen Babbitt for her landscape design and installation.